Anonymous – #OpNSA Release III: Mike Rogers / @LOCOSDEL136

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Publicado el 18/08/2013

Greetings congressman Michael Rogers republican representative for Michigan’s 8th district.

We are Anonymous and we have been extremely concerned with your conduct since being first elected to congress in the year 2000 your crudity rise to the level of chairmen of the house permanent select comity on intelligence and member of the elite Gang of Eight. Who by federal law are briefed on every intelligence action undertaken by the federal government. In fact you have been become such a power in house that you have run virtually unopposed in every race for federal office you have been in as in an income but with one, but even then you raised nearly three times the election funds of your opponent.

In fact in several elections your democratic opponent raised less then one percent then of your award chest. That this has happened and continues to happen is a disgrace especially given your record and Anonymous is not pleased.

We have been watching you and we think it is time for some new blood in your district.
we therefore call to the democratic party to field and fund a legitimate opponent to depose you in the next election, for your crimes against the American people.
Despite running without serious opposition you still managed to rack up an impressive list of donors in the defense and technology sectors.
From corporations that stand to benefit from your deregulation of the bill of rights.

Corporations that are either in the business of expanding and facilitating domestic surveillance programs or are affiliated with the unconstitutional prism program.
Lockheed Martin/
Northrop Grumman/
BAE Systems/
Verizon communications/ (Pwnd)
L3 communications/
Microsoft/ (Pwnd)
And the list goes on and on all told you have raised $420,500 from these company’s just since the 2006 election cycle despite the fact that you could have defeated most of your electoral challenges on a child’s allowance.

And where did it all start to go wrong congressmen?

Was it your support for the USA Patriot Act in 2001 and its love of warrant-less wire tapping?

Could it be the Patriot Act re-authorization of 2005?

Your monumental vote for the protect America act of 2007 that paved the way for the unconstitutional Prism program?

Was it your re-authorization of the patriot act of 2011?

Perhaps it was your failure to attend reign in the NSA following the Fisa courts eighty six page 2011 opinion that declared that the NSA activities are in violation of the 4th amendment in the 2008 Fisa amendments?

Or maybe it was your disgusting CISPA Act that you ran through the house?

On not one but two occasions despite the fact that it had no chance of being signed into law.

Was it the fact that you devoted against the Amesh amendment that would have stopped the NSA from co-opting the telephone records of hundreds of millions of American again without warrants?

And of course it could have been when you lied in telling the American people that the e-mails of American’s were not being tracked without warrant when the NSA Keyscore makes it clear that is not true.

Regardless of where your crimes begin and end it has been apparent to Anonymous that you take pride in using the constitution and the bill of rights as Toilet Paper
your constituent should be ashamed of you and we call upon to them to force you out of office at there earliest opportunity.

A Virus Has Been Detected..

Anonymous Is Working To Correct The System Failure..

We Are Anonymous!
We Are Legion!
We Do Not Forgive!
We Do Not Forget!
Expect Us!



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