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Greetings citizens of the globe, we are anonymous. This is a small, fast and quite swift press release, concerning world events, yet those specifically of Venezuela.

Since our last international upload the Ukraine internet, deep, in Kiev, has dropped to 3%.

The central African republic, after its revolution, is currently experiencing a mass genocide.

Bosnia is having an uprising.

The Turkish government fixing a bill that would systematically, censor the internet.

Egypt’s unknown revolution.

Russia’s Sochi, and LGBT.

Mexican journalists being kidnapped from every corner by the secret police, and cartels.

GCHQ’s misconduct (NSA)

Bahrain, Syria..

And the citizens of the United States peacefully protesting on the day we fight back event. (and countless others EX: Somalia, Tunis, UK, Brazil’s FUCK FIFA etc)

We are anonymous, and when a nation censors the truth, we plan, organize, and act.

We are currently suppressing government servers, leaking, defacing, and taking them down while the people act.

The youth were peacefully protesting until the police intervened, and made riots ponder, and start.

Operation Venezuela will be released in 24 hours (maybe), if the situation worsens, we will not hesitate and release operation Venezuela immediately.

We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We never forgive.
We never forget.

To the governments of the world, we are watching, and just know, if you harm the people.

We, harm, you.
Para los cuidadantes de Venezuela, andamos viendo la corrupcion de su gobierno.

I no vamos estar callados.

Vamos ayudarles usando nuestro tiempo.

Cuando el gobierno abusa de sus libertades, nostros, anonimos, estamos en el lado de las personas

Viva La Revolucion! La Justica! y la Libertad!
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On to keep up to date on any videos we are about to upload and upon a reason why we are releasing the specific video.

On for we spread images that need to seen by every man, woman and child.


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