En #Cydia actualización: 33 nuevas #tweaks / @LOCOSDEL136

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New tweaks released this week

AdaptiveCC – resizes Control Center so it takes less screen space (free).

AdvancedSettings8 – tap and hold the Settings app icon to bring up advanced settings (free).

AlwaysFirstSwipe – always brings up Notification or Control Centers when first swiping in a fullscreen app (free).

AppelLocker – allows you to unlock apps with your face ($0.99).

AppHeads – a new take on multitasking inspired by Facebook ChatHeads ($4.99 ).

Automa – a smart tweaks that remembers the options you chose for popup alerts ($1.99).

CCfix 8 – a fix for Control Center sometimes not opening from the Lock screen (free).

Centrum – brings OS X Yosemite Notification Center layout to iPad ($0.99).

DathUI – customize various aspects of your device’s user interface ($2.50).

Facebook Messenger Essentials – lets you tweak a few aspects of the Messenger app (free).

Instagram No Bar – removes the Status Bar from the Instagram app (free).

LockStatusClock – replaces the Lock screen Notification Center grabber with the time (free).

NoLongPressKeys – disables the long press key actions on the stock keyboards (free).

noNoSimAlert 8 – removes the “No SIM Card Installed” alert when there is no SIM in the phone (free).

NoPhotosCollections – removes the Photos Collections tab from the Photos app (free).

Pyx – adds animations to cards in the App Switcher ($0.99 )

Safari No Bar Fullscreen – removes the Status Bar in Safari (free).

Safe Alarm Pro – lets you set custom alarm volume, vibration, snooze duration, and more ($0.99).

STUCalendar – replaces the Slide to Unlock text with the current date (free).

WatchBoard – the best Apple Watch-inspired Home screen replacement so far ($3.99

WiFried – fixes Wi-Fi problems on iOS 8 devices (free

Tweaks that were updated this week

BioLockdown – protects apps, settings, and Control Center switches with Touch ID ($2.99

BounceNotify8 – makes dock icons bounce when there is a pending notification (free)

HandsFree 2 – answers phone and FaceTime calls just by waving your hand above your device ($0.99

iTouchSecure – easily fill out password fields using Touch ID ($4.99

Lyricsxplorer – add or edit songs lyrics in the Music app directly from your device (free).

NCMemo – a quick note widget for Notification Center (free).

NowListening – shows a banner notification with info about the song currently playing, and more (free

PowerBanners – changes low power alerts to unobtrusive banners (free

Programmable SMS – lets you create, edit, and delete Activator actions to send text messages (free).

Smartwatch+ – a utility app for Pebble users ($4.99).

Virtual Home 8 – uses Touch ID sensors as a Home button replacement ($1.49

WinterBoard – lets you safely and easily apply themes to your iOS device (free).


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